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  • Pop-up Bike Lounge/Boutique

    Title: Unveiling the Next Chapter: Singapore SPOKES' Exciting Acquisition and Partnership We are thrilled to announce a major milestone for Singapore SPOKES – the launch of our pop-up bike lounge and boutique at the historic Pearl Hill Police Barracks, in collaboration with Kult Yard, an eclectic gathering space nestled above People's Park in Singapore. A Hub of Bike-Friendly "Kulture" Positioned adjacent to the courtyard, this new venture aims to cultivate an anchor atmosphere of Bike-Friendly Kulture, creating a physical presence for four distinctive projects that embody the essence of SPOKES. 1. Family Bike Collective (FBC) Our first project, the Family Bike Collective, introduces a groundbreaking subscription program. Families can now enjoy the benefits of premium kids' bikes through a sustainable and hashtag #selfmobile approach. FBC offers size-appropriate and efficient bikes, ensuring children relish safe and enjoyable bike riding throughout their formative years. 2. BikeFlix In collaboration with the International Bike Film Festival SG, Bike Flicks promises an engaging experience for guests. Curated films from around the world, all centered around the theme of biking, will be showcased in our yard. The highlight? These films will be delivered via a pedal-powered theater system, revitalized by SPOKES after a period of dormancy during the challenges of the Covid era. 3. Café Fixins For bike enthusiasts seeking knowledge, Café Fixins is our answer. Workshops hosted in the yard cover bike maintenance, navigating Singapore's biking systems, and enhancing overall bike safety. It's an opportunity for individuals and groups to delve into the intricacies of biking culture. 4. Bamboo Bike Collective Last but certainly not least, our Bamboo Bike Collective is a unique venture that embraces sustainability. Through workshops and retailing bamboo bike kits, SPOKES aims to cater to the DIY crowd, offering the chance to build a bike out of renewable bamboo and learn the art of riding. Initially focusing on women's specific workshops, we are working to establish logistics for sourcing bamboo parts and collaborating with lead educators and designers to create a diverse range of bikes. Charting New Horizons This moment marks a pivotal step as Singapore SPOKES expands its initiatives into the realms of creativity and economics. Our comprehensive business model positions SPOKES as the go-to destination for all things bike-related in Singapore. We invite you to join us on this thrilling journey as we redefine and elevate the biking experience for enthusiasts and families alike. SPOKES - your one-stop shop for everything bike in Singapore. Pedal on!

  • Untitled

    Hey now Keep it sustainable local and accesable. I dont think we need Mercedes and Porsche cargo bikes. Fund the inventors. Not the corporations. The Wright Bros were bicycle mechanics. Der #Mobilitätsgipfel im Kanzleramt zur "Transformation der Automobil- und Mobilitätswirtschaft" zeigt erste Ergebnisse 😃 #NichtnurAuto #carisover #Verkehrswende The #Mobilitätsgipfel at the Federal Chancellery on the "Transformation of the Automotive and Mobility Industry" shows first results 😃 #NichtnurAuto #carisover #Verkehrswende

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  • Bike AdvocacyBike Busineess, Bike Events | Singapore SPOKES

    New Arrivals Quick View Flip-Flops Price $23.00 Quick View Ankle socks Out of stock Go to full Bicycle Boutique No upcoming events at the moment Contact 500 Terry Francois St. San Francisco, CA 94158 123-456-7890 First Name Last Name Email Message Thanks for submitting! Send

  • Consortium | Singapore SPOKES

    SPOKES Bike Consortium What is our consortium? The Singapore SPOKES Bike Consortium is a group of purpose-based bike businesses Curated by SPOKES working to create a bike ecosystem that simulates collective economic, political, and logistical power. They do this by promoting the digital transformation of mom-and-pop bike shops, supply chains, last-mile cargo bike logistics and deployment, mobile bike service, advocacy, corporate mobility consultation, and affiliate economics between bike shops. They also promote active mobility, and the Singapore 2030 Green Plan Singapore Bike Consortium will add other purpose-driven businesses through a membership enrollment process aimed at building a participatory ecosystem rather than overlapping in services or creating competition. Their partners offer unique services supporting mobility justice, bicycle equity, bicycle-pedestrian safety, and bike-based economy. Here are some of the specific ways that the Singapore SPOKES Bike Consortium is working to make cycling a more viable option for people in Singapore: Promoting the digital transformation of mom-and-pop bike shops: The Singapore SPOKES Bike Consortium is working to help mom-and-pop bike shops digitize their operations. This includes providing them with access to online tools and resources and training on how to use them. By digitizing their processes, mom-and-pop bike shops can improve efficiency and reach a broader customer base. Promoting last-mile cargo bike logistics and deployment: The Singapore SPOKES Bike Consortium is working to promote the use of last-mile cargo bikes for logistics and delivery. Last-mile cargo bikes are a more sustainable and efficient way to transport goods in urban areas. They can help to reduce traffic congestion and air pollution. Providing mobile bike service: The Singapore SPOKES Bike Consortium provides mobile bike service to businesses and individuals in Singapore. This service makes it easy for people to get their bikes repaired or serviced without taking them to a bike shop. Advocating for bike-friendly policies: The Singapore SPOKES Bike Consortium advocates for bike-friendly policies at the local, state, and national levels. They work to ensure safe and convenient places for people to ride their bikes. Providing corporate mobility consultation: The Singapore SPOKES Bike Consortium provides corporate mobility consultation to businesses in Singapore. They help companies to develop and implement bike-friendly policies and programs. Building affiliate economics between bike shops: The Singapore SPOKES Bike Consortium is working to develop affiliate economics between bike shops. This means they are working to create a network of bike shops that can work together to provide better service to their customers. The Singapore SPOKES Bike Consortium is a valuable resource for people interested in cycling in Singapore. They offer various services and programs that can help people make cycling a more viable option for transportation and recreation. Submit an inquiry… Tel: +65-8657-5663 First Name Last Name Email Message Thanks for submitting! Send

  • COMING SOON | Singapore SPOKES

    We Are Coming Soon Sign up to be the first to know when we go live. Notify Me Thanks for submitting!

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