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B2B Vs B2C branding

September 2022

Let Singapore SPOKES officially represent your Brand, or partner with us to create unique OEM SPOKES branded products.  

  • B2B purchases are motivated primarily by logic and reason. Decisions are made based on facts, statistics, and numbers. Emotion enters in as a fear of making a poor decision; branding the business as an expert helps overcome this fear.

  • B2C purchases are motivated primarily by emotion, whether that emotion is fear, attraction, or the desire for status. Branding succeeds by appealing to the target market’s emotions.

  • B2B branding must convey expertise. Prospective customers making big decisions seek information to educate themselves about your solution. Your content marketing should provide lots of detail and include longer-form content; the goal is to brand the business as a thought leader.

  • B2C branding must convey benefits. Prospective customers don't necessarily need a lot of information about a B2C brand. Even if you're selling a relatively complex service, such as landscaping, home renovation, or personal training, the goal is to brand your business as providing benefits that prospects care about.

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